Beto Shwafaty

In his artistic practice, Beto Shwafaty focuses on how historical episodes can leave traces on culture and be echoed in socio-cultural objects, monuments, spaces and structures, which consequently produce shared meanings and behaviours.

The artist uses a wide range of materials and methodologies, such as curatorial thinking, institutional critique strategies, archival research, to activate them as narrative elements and evidence that inform us about the different aspects of our present time.

On the occasion of the workshop Gifts, Trades and Bargains – Cultural Diplomacy in the Case of Brazilian Embassy at Palazzo Pamphilj, the artist presents his practice concerning historical, colonial, public, and urban contexts through the projects Hablemos de Reparaciones, The Phantom Matrix (Old Structures, New Glories), Remediations, Sugar in the Vene, in dialogue with the curators Sara Alberani and Valerio Del Baglivo, students and workshop participants.

Beto Shwafaty – The Phantom Matrix (Old Structures, New Glories), 2016. Foto Filipe Berndt

Beto Shwafaty – Remediations, Still video, 2009-2014