LOCALES is a curatorial platform founded in Rome by Sara Alberani and Valerio Del Baglivo during the first lockdown in Italy in 2020, to reflect on artistic practices in the public sphere.

Starting from the political and social history of symbolic places in the city of Rome, LOCALES addresses the complexity of contemporary urgencies through a series of site-specific programs that include commissions for new artistic works, explorations in the public space, educational activities and performances.


Sara Alberani | co-founder

Valerio Del Baglivo | co-founder

Marta Federici | narratives curator

Larisa Oancea | translations

Sara Maria D’Onofrio | institutional relations

Cristina Esteras | assistant

Jacopo Tommasini | photography

Giacomo De Biase | video

Morteza Khaleghi | video

UCI Studio (Chiara Ciucci Giuliani, Roberta Pucci) | press and media

LOCALES acts in the public sphere thanks to the collaboration with a great number of institutions.

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