LOCALES is a curatorial platform that aims to inspire a reflection on the public sphere through artistic practices. 

Through a series of site-specific programs involving commissions of new artworks, explorations of public spaces, educational activities, and performances, LOCALES addresses the complexity of contemporary urgencies starting from the political and social history of symbolic places in the city and their local communities.

Started as a curatorial project in 2020 by Sara Alberani and Valerio Del Baglivo, in 2023 LOCALES was registered as a non-profit organization (APS) in Rome, Italy and is currently supported by seven founding members: Sara Alberani, Denise Araouzou, Giulia Crispiani, Gioia Dal Molin, Marta Federici, Allison Grimaldi Donahue, and Larisa Oancea.

LOCALES acts in the public sphere thanks to the collaboration with a number of different institutions.


Current team – last update July 2023

Sara Alberani | director, 2020 ongoing 

Marta Federici | director, 2022 ongoing 

Chiara Pagano | assistant curator and content editor

Serena Schioppa | project manager

Guendalina Piselli | press office and media

Cinzia delle Site | administration

Cássia Kuriyama | intern

Anna Martinelli |  translations

Davide Palmieri | photo

Giacomo De Biase, Morteza Khaleghi | video

LOCALES Past team: Valerio Del Baglivo (co-founder), Ilaria Schipani (project manager),  Cristina Esteras (assistant), Franky Kuete, Ozono Studio, Margherita Panizon, Jacopo Tomassini (photo and video).

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