Adila Bennedjaï-Zou

“I often bring a piece of bread, an olive branch, I introduce myself and say: we have come for you, we are your descendants, and we love you.”

Who is aware that the Carcere Mamertino (Mamertine Prison), known to have been the prison of St. Paul and St. Peter, was also the tomb of Jugurta? Who remembers that Jugurta, king of Numidia, stood up to the Roman Empire? Who knows that Numidia, which today is called Kabylia, is a region of Algeria? Only a few people, apart from the Cabili themselves, who under the stratified colonizing action of successive empires – Roman, Arab, Ottoman, French – continue to fan the flame of their hero and the idea of their freedom.

The artist Adila Bennedjaï-Zou, together with some members of the Berber community in Rome, will guide us through her sound creation interwoven with some convivial moments, along with the stories, the occasions of celebration and the homage to the memory of Jugurtha, a symbolic figure for his community, yet a historic presence hidden from the predominant stories that narrate the area of the Roman Forum.


The interview is with Mazhour Hammache, mix by Clémence Gross.

Info | The event  includes a collective visit to the Mamertine Prison (cost € 5), a small brunch and listening to the documentary, please participate provided with headphones for mobile.

Reservation required: