Stalker, EUR Walk, Roma, 2014. Foto di Giulia Fiocca

On June 15, Stalker proposes an exploration of the EUR district – an architectural-urban complex located between the city center and the Roman coast – and which constitutes one of the most evident traces of the Italian fascist and colonialist past.


A-Ghost City, Stalker, Roma, 2017. Foto di Marco Passaro

Understanding the action of crossing it as a practice of meeting and relating to the harsh contradictions of this place, Stalker intends to investigate, in light of the current issues that characterize the EUR, the problematic ideological remains of the Fascist urban and architectural structure and their relationship with more recent traces of Italian history. The desire to reveal the violence and the critical issues related to these buildings is accompanied by the desire to reinterpret and overturn their symbolic meaning, in order to allow the memory of these places and communities to face the present differently, generating new narratives.

The walk will stop at the most significant sites and monuments in the district and will have as a departure point the historical venue of the Luigi Pigorini National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography, currently part of the Museum of Civilizations (MuCiv). The event is organized in collaboration with MuCiv and NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

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MuCiv, Museo delle Civiltà, Roma, 2021. Foto di Jacopo Tomassini

EUR(H)OPE, Stalker, MuCiv, Roma, 2021. Foto di Jacopo Tomassini

EUR(H)OPE, Stalker, Roma, 2021. Foto di Jacopo Tomassini