Amelie Aranguren (INLAND – Campo Adentro)

If Body began with Amelie Aranguren’s (INLAND – Campo Adentro) food happening Agrogestualità at the Real Academia de España en Roma. Aranguren invited the public to partake in a convivial moment of sharing culinary experiences and practices, to foster a sense of togetherness

During her residency at the Spanish Academy, Aranguren undertook the Nuova Agrocittà project, meticulously mapping the vibrant network of local farmers, small producers, and fruit and vegetable markets. These entities play a pivotal role in the city’s fabric, actively contributing to biodiversity conservation and the promotion of agricultural practices founded on principles of environmental sustainability

Through this communal gathering, the wish was to encourage reflections on the convergence of rural and urban landscapes, as well as our dietary choices amidst the challenges posed by climate crises and environmental disasters. The event highlighted the deep connections that tether our bodies to the territories we traverse daily.

Products sourced from the farms involved took center stage, becoming the heart of the gastronomic journey. Participants immersed themselves in the preparation of local recipes, embracing the gestures of cooking—cutting, peeling, seasoning, or blending. These gestures were performatively reinterpreted and transformed into potential choreographies of Agrogestualità, in collaboration with choreographer Stefania Carvisiglia.