Daniela Ortiz
The children are not of the wolf

For Hidden Histories 2021, artist and activist Daniela Ortiz presents the new performance I figli non sono della lupa, at the Gianicolo hill, a site symbolic of the history of the Italian Risorgimento. The artist’s analysis is centered on the figure of Anita Garibaldi and her equestrian monument, erected in this area in 1932 and commissioned by the fascist regime. The statue portrays the Brazilian woman on horseback, according to a stereotyped reading of the female figure as mother and warrior: depicted as the “heroine of the two worlds”, Anita Garibaldi’s strength and courage are thus indissolubly harnessed within the “guerrilla/mother” pattern; at the same time, her physical features are violently Europeanised.

Beginning with this monument and the historical documents celebrating Anita Garibaldi produced during the Italian fascist era, Ortiz aims to generate a visual narrative in which the concepts of nationality, racialization, social class and gender are explored, so as to critically understand the colonial and patriarchal power structures that still persist in the public space. 

Info | Free admission, reservation recommended: hiddenhistories.rome@gmail.com