Josèfa Ntjam
Watery Thoughts

On September 9 at the Baths of Diocletian, Josèfa Ntjam presents the new performance Watery Thoughts, adding a chapter to her multifaceted research centered on the theme of water, a core topic in her composition of narratives made of personal stories and collective memories which cross multiple temporal dimensions.

Starting from the iconography of mosaics and statues with marine themes present in the museum of the Baths of Diocletian, and in the wider collections of the National Roman Museum, the artist investigates the mythological, political, and artistic elements associated with the aquatic imaginary, evoking the original use of the thermal baths. The performance also questions the canons and methodologies on which the museum collections are built, promoting the development of critical thinking and the emergence of other interpretative perspectives and new space-time interconnections. 

Info | Free participation. The performance is by reservation only: Green Pass required