Orchestras of Transformation

The Orchestras of Transformation – new artistic imaginaries for the 2030 Agenda, curated by the collectives Locales and Visible, is a project that combines contemporary artistic imagination with new action strategies for achieving the SDG objectives of the 2030 Agenda in the medium term. The themes of gender-based violence, regenerative actions for the climate emergency and underwater life, and the overcoming of social inequalities, are at the center of this edition for the city of Rome.


Initiated on the occasion of the 2020 Rome Charter launch, and commissioned by Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, the project Orchestras of Transformation invites three international artistic and curatorial perspectives from Cooking Sections, Jasmeen Patheja and Johanne Affricot (GRIOT) to rethink artistic methods of intervention in the public sphere that implement paths of change and promote alternative imaginaries. Moreover, due to the current pandemic situation, the team of the Orchestrashas developed a multiform method of artistic presentation which includes establishing collaborations with local and international actors, developing social-media campaigns and podcast palimpsests with a powerful mediatic impact and aimed at a wider audience.


Starting from ongoing research and projects, each artist’s project addresses a different SDG, with the aim of working towards the implementation of new forms of awareness and generating new learning paths on urgent issues. Indian artist Jasmeen Patheja, in collaboration with feminist and and LGTBQI+ associations, will develop a podcast to reflect on the theme of gender-based violence. The British duo Cooking Sections  will conduct a multifaceted campaign to raise public awareness on the impact of food production and consumption on the climate emergency. Finally, cultural producer and curator Johanne Affricot will work on an artistic palimpsest for the city of Rome connected to the international and plural debate on the African diaspora, with an attention to Italian afro-descendants.


The Orchestras of transformation is a project commissioned by Azienda Speciale Palaexpo within the Rome Charter. Destined to influence the cultural policies of local governments as well as to nourish global cultural participation and human development, this document is based on the most effective and valid narratives relating to cultural rights and aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda. The Rome Charter is promoted by Roma Capitale, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and the Azienda Speciale Palaexpo.

The project is brought about in collaboration with the Roman community of Scomodo – the largest editorial group under25 in Italy – for the care and accessibility through which the contents are narrated.