Pauline Curnier Jardin & Feel Good Cooperative

Portrait. Backstage dal film Fireflies (Lucciole), 2020

The program culminates on Oct. 12 with a performance by Feel Good Cooperative, an artistic collective comprising Colombian trans sex workers and their allies. The collective was founded by artist Pauline Curnier Jardin, photographer and sex worker Alexandra Lopez, and architect and researcher Serena Olcuire.

For this appointment, the collective will cross the public spaces of the EUR district, with a focus on Via Cristoforo Colombo: one of the main street in Rome. This road guides the movement of inhabitants from the center to the Ostia coast and it’s the result of Fascist urban planning of expansion toward the Mediterranean Sea. While its toponymy makes explicit reference to the European imperialist and colonial project, in homage to one of its main exponents, Via Cristoforo Colombo is now also a site of sex work and a space for the fluctuation of invisibilized bodies.

On Oct. 12, a day celebrated in many countries as Columbus Day, these references will be subverted in a poetic and irreverent way in the performative intervention by Feel Good Cooperative, which will bring together monumentality and movement, statuary and collective sing, to resignify through a polyphony of desiring bodies the sites of exploitation and power within public space.

The performance is co-realized with Jindřich Chalupecký Society and Prague City Gallery and promoted in collaboration with Museo MACRO — Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma. In November 2023, Jindřich Chalupecký Society will present a solo exhibition of Pauline Curnier Jardin & Feel Good Cooperative, which will be hosted by and realized in collaboration with Prague City Gallery. The MACRO Museum will present a solo exhibition of Pauline Curnier Jardin & Feel Good Cooperative at its spaces in 2024.