RomaEuropa Festival

Romaeuropa is a multidisciplinary arts festival in Italy and Europe that promotes annual programme of contemporary dance, theatre, art, music, technology and events for kids.

Locales is thrilled to present BANGARANG, a performance by Giulia Crispiani and Scomodo, part of Romaeuropa Festival 2021, Special Projects session.

Bangarang is a discourse open to everyone, started between the community of Scomodo and the artist Giulia Crispiani in July 2021. The title is inspired by the cry of Peter Pan and the lost children in the film Hook.

A cry that comes after almost two years of pandemic, of forced isolation, of the impossibility of touching, dating, going out.

BANGARANG has developed for several months through a writing workshop , welcoming small and intimate gestures that are taking shape in the stage of the protest, alternating with rhythms dense of energy and exhaustion, together with whispered messages, often full of urgent desires for a contact, a breath, an encounter with the others.

The experimental nature of BANGARANG is positioned within the use of writing as an artistic practice for Giulia Crispiani and feeds on the contents and research that the largest editorial office in Italy, that of Scomodo, has been creating in the city of Rome since 2016. It is the under 30s, together with the artist, who punctuate small signals of light in the midst of the darkness of a pandemic still in progress, who drag visitors towards their point of view, that of a generation that has suffered the most side effects of forced closures, of the suspension of face-to-face teaching, of the right to invest in the idea of ​​the future as for previous generations.

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