Renata Carvalho, Adelita Husni-Bey, Antonia Caruso

Talk within Short Theatre 2022 programme, with: Renata Carvalho, Antonia CarusoAdelita Husni-BeySara Alberani and Marta Federici (Locales), Matteo Lucchetti (Museo delle Civiltà) and Marcia Leite.

What is the act of naming? What does it mean and what are the effects of “giving a new name”? If nomenclature is by its nature conservative, categorized and unchangeable, can we think of a process that questions the identity of a (physical, subjective, museum, institutional) body starting from the idea of a “transitive” state? What happens when a translation casts a colonized semantic universe on words? Is it possible to transform the “hidden” legacy of a museum collection according to the experience of who is living or has lived through a transition process as to the body or space?

In Stati Transitivi, a talk curated by LOCALES and Short Theatre,  we’ll investigate the relationship between legacy, identity and experience incarnate. The conversation will start from Renata Carvalho’s work on the travesti body, and intertwine with the result of artist Adelita Husni-Bey’s workshop A Collection in Turmoil – La collezione in tumulto on the ex-colonial museum collection, now part of the Museo delle Civiltà di Roma collections, within the Hidden Histories 2022 project. Columnist, author and activist Antonia Caruso’s trans/feminist thought will be also among the talk’s topics.